Our Team

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Alexander Ney - President

Hello and Welcome to the UNSW SPE Student Chapter page! I’m Alex, a third-year student of Petroleum and Mining Engineering and this year’s president. Getting involved in our society from the very beginning of my student career was a great way for me to get to know people, the course and the university. I now strive to allow all new students to have as smooth an introduction to their course as I have. On behalf of our committee, we’re excited to be representing you all. So, stick around, we’ve got so much in store for you this year!

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Nghiep Bao Duong - Vice President

Hello everyone, my name is Nghiep but you can call me Jon if that seems easier for you. I’m a fourth-year petroleum engineering student and also Vice President of this year's SPE. I am looking forward to meeting more people joining our society as well as working together with our members to bring more and more informative, helpful events as an important preparation for our career. Hopefully, everyone will get involved and have unforgettable social and professional experiences with us.

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Lkhamaa Baatar - Secretary

Hello everyone! My name is Lkhamaa and I’m excited to be working with the committee to bring about a fun and inclusive environment at all our upcoming events!

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Aries Thane - Treasurer

Hello, my name is Aries and I’m a fourth-year year student of Petroleum Engineering. I am very excited to be part of the UNSW SPE student chapter for 2020. As a Treasurer for the society, I am looking forward to contributing with my committee and hope all upcoming SPE events are going smooth. See you around!

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Udhaiyah Rekha - Event Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Udhaiyah Rekha and I’m a fourth-year Petroleum Engineering Student. I am thrilled to be a part of the UNSW SPE student chapter for 2020. I am the Event Coordinator and we have a lot of exciting events planned for this year. I am certain they will be invaluable platforms to extend everyone’s social and professional aspirations. I am really looking forward to seeing you all at the upcoming SPE Events

Hey hey! I'm Aizat, a fourth-year petroleum engineering student at UNSW. I'm a proud Malaysian and have a deep passion in energy field. In SPE, I'll be mainly in charge of the website, photographing events as well advertising SPE events. If you see someone walks around during SPE's events while taking photos, that'll be me! So, do smile!  

Auzaie Aizat - Communications and Media
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Arifah Nain - Student Representative

Hi! I am Arifah, the student representative for this year. I look forward to provide assistance and encourage my fellow petroleum engineering students to join in our SPE events. More exciting events to come, so see you there!

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Izzuddin Ibrahim - Membership Officer

Hello everyone! I am Izzuddin, a final year petroleum engineering student at UNSW. Aries (the treasurer) convince me that joining SPE student chapter is a good idea and it sure is! I am looking forward to work with this amazing team in preparing us students for the perfect transition into the industry in the future. As the membership chairperson, I am all about ensuring positive member experience in the SPE. Hope to see you soon!

Who We Are

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is an international professional organization representing engineers, scientists and educators involved in the oil and gas industry, with over 165,000 members worldwide. The student chapter of SPE at the University of New South Wales (SPE UNSW) was established over 30 years ago in 1986, providing students interested in pursuing a career in the oil and gas industry with a platform to develop their technical skills, and to connect with industry figures.

What We Do

The Society of Petroleum Engineers UNSW Student Chapter aims to improve student life for all Petroleum Engineering students at UNSW. As the student branch of a global organisation, we look to bridge the gap between students and professionals by offering a platform for them to connect over.

Activities range from The SPE Student Awards Gala Dinner, Field Trips, Distinguished Lecturer Talks, Women In Engineering Q&A Panels, mentoring programs, professional and soft skills development, young professionals and industry networking events.

Supported by the UNSW School of Petroleum Engineering

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