2016 SPE Field Trip Day 4

September 27, 2016


Today we went on a Schlumberger workshop tour. First stop was the wireline base with senior field engineer, Victor, from Brazil. Working 6 weeks on and 3 weeks off, he shared his experiences in a fast paced, hands-on life style job with high expectations and addictive pressure.


We saw the PEX tool, still covered in mud after its last trip. The most basic, yet highly utilised tool in CSG operations around the Roma region due to the largely known geological profile from such an extensive drilling campaign that peaked in 2013.

What we thought at first instance was a blue garbage truck, we later learned was a Wireline truck that winches down the tools, collects and processes data and links up to Schlumberger’s global network via satellite to provide a real time feed of logging data to clients on an as needed basis.


After gaining a greater understanding of Wireline Operations, we then went to a separate workshop across town to discover Schumbergers Pathfinder assets. Here we learned about LWD and MWD tool assemblies. The complexity and level of technology of these drilling tools was both astounding and slightly overwhelming. The workshop dedicated to servicing these tools runs calibrations, fixes electronic components, services mechanical equipment and tests. We also saw highly explosive lithium ion batteries….

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